Tessie West

Introducing Miss West

My name is Thérèse “Tessie” West.  An enigmatic and beautiful blend of French and 1st Nations roots, I consider myself a citizen of the world.  I thoroughly enjoy learning, and you may typically find me studying a new language, culture, or concept.  I currently study French and can casually communicate in German and Spanish.  When was the last time someone held your hand while people watching in Paris, laughing while clumsily piecing together French to order un cabernet sauvignon corsé et fruité? 

I promise to be the passionate partner with whom you explore the world, who offers a tender touch, and an escape from your monotonous every day.  Perhaps, you have not felt truly heard in a long while and crave connection free from judgment.  I promise to be present with you during our engagements.

I enjoy the company of a fellow intellectual and well-traveled gentleman.  My educational background includes a Master of Science in Psych and Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. I am trained in the art of listening and appreciate a must-have book that inspires self-exploration.  Let’s gaze at the horizon reading a favorite novel, while stealing flirtatious gazes from one another.

I relish in immersing myself in nature, culture, and new ways to explore this beautiful world with lightness and laughter.  I value life’s little luxuries, such as a crisp sip of Dom Pérignon, superb culinary creations, a revitalizing day at the spa, and an awe-inspiring day at a museum. 

My passport is always ready, and I can make myself available for domestic and international excursions.  If you cannot remember the last time you truly enjoyed feeling present and alive, I invite you to discover just how freeing it can be to just that with me.

À bientôt,
Miss Tessie West


When I am not traveling, I can be found in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan. I would be thrilled to join you at one of the many decadent restaurants for a meeting in whichever city fate finds us both in.


A Casual Tryst
90 Minutes ... $900
Two Hours ... $1,100

An Extended Engagement
Three Hours - Lunch.. $1,300*
Four Hours - Dinner... $1,800*
Six Hours - Day ... $2,700*

Eight Hours - Evening ... $3,200*

12 Hours ... $4,500*

24 hours



A Casual Tryst
90 Minutes ... $1,000
Two Hours ... $1,200

An Extended Engagement
Three Hours - Lunch ... $1,400*
Four Hours - Dinner ... $1,900*
Six Hours - Day... $2,800*

Eight Hours - Evening ... $3,300*

12 Hours ... $4,600*

24 hours


(All rates are in USD)
*All engagements 3 hours and longer include meals and social time*

One Hour
As I prefer longer dates to establish a true connection with my suitors, please view 90 minute rate

I enjoy being on-the-go and I am constantly traveling. Fly-to-you rates do not include flight and lodging expenses, and these must be compensated for at booking. I am delighted to travel with you, and I will book my travel myself. Please include destination, dates, and length of engagement. 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Contact for more details on international FMTY dates.

Touring in Your City

*My minimum date length while touring is 2 hours*

Chicago - Club Curiosity 10/27-29

Additions and Overnight
I am delighted to see returning clients overnight under my existing time structure. I do require my beauty rest, so please ensure there is a reasonable setting for rest. Please be a considerate bed mate and understand that I may need space to get comfortable.

Duets and Couples

I am delighted to offer duets and dates with couples. Please ensure that if booking a duo with myself and another provider to match the rates with the provider whose rate is higher. Please be advised for couples, the rate is double the listed rate. My minimum date length for duos and couples is 2 hours.

*I am a disability friendly companion and happy to make your acquaintance! Please let me know your needs when booking so that I may make the most appropriate accommodations for our rendezvous*

Clothing Request

If you would like me to wear something specific, you may purchase according to the sizing as detailed on the Wishlist page.

Cancellation Policy

If you allow our date to pass without contacting me or if you provide a short cancellation notice of less than 24 hours, the full amount for the date is required. Please plan ahead. Contact me for more details.


Booking and Screening
I require your full name, phone number, reference, or workplace information (such as a LinkedIn profile link). All communication will be via email and I prioritize longer engagements.  When booking, a 24-hour notice is required for new clients. In order to make our meeting as smooth a process as possible, please provide all screening information in booking request, and plan ahead. 

I require a 20% deposit to secure an appointment.  I accept the deposit via CashApp. Please provide CashApp handle so I may send the request.  A travel-based fee for outcalls beyond 15 miles of my standard distance requires a fee of $15-$400. Rescheduling an appointment requires a new deposit.

Donation Methods
I accept cash for donations. I do not accept PayPal, Zelle,  or Venmo.  Cash donations must be left in an unsealed envelope in plain view immediately at the beginning of our date. If we meet in public, please place donation in a gift bag or card at the beginning of our date. 

Be considerate of times zones as I operate by US Central Time. 

If you allow our date to pass without contacting me or if you provide a short cancellation notice of less than 24 hours, the full amount for the date is required. Please plan ahead. 

Hygiene is of the upmost importance.  A mandatory shower will be provided upon arrival. 


Gifts are my primary “love language” and are very appreciated!  If you are feeling generous and would like to brighten my day with something you know I will adore, please find my wishlists below or visit my wishlist at: https://www.luxylist.it/misstessiewest

I am a petite size 4. Bust 34DD. Shoe size 7(US) or Size 37(EU).

Self-Care and Fitness:
I enjoy splurging on self-care and all things fitness and wellness!  I enjoy having access to day spas, medspas, and luxury gyms. 

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the world and all it has to offer! One great way to spoil me is to take me across the world.  New experiences can bring out my wild side ;)


You may contact me via my booking form.  The more information provided at the beginning of our contact the better. 

To ensure I may fulfill your request in a timely manner, please provide the following via my booking form:

- Full Name
- Telephone Number registered to you
- Your Home City
- Details of engagement (Date, Time, Duration)
- Where you are hoping to see me
- Verification: Employment Information. Reference from provider(s) you have seen are welcome.

*I will only respond to completed booking forms*

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